About us

Who We Are

Pethomingnetwork was created for people who care about their pets. This website can help you find your furry friend and also assist those who have an unexpected situation that needs to rehome their pet.

Find pet insurance, organic dog food and pet care here on the Pet Homing Network.

You can contact our office and never fear that your data is unprotected.  Other pet adoption websites use your data in big ways that you never would expect.

We take care of the data accessed on our website and want to serve you like the special person that you are.


We’re very happy to serve you and your pets. Your life is important and so is the data you share. Your privacy matters and we take that seriously. Find what you need here on PetHomingNetwork and rest easy. Don't be afraid to contact us anytime.

Our Impact

Our Impact comes from our commitment to our customers and to our rescue parters. We pledge to aid in animal rescue efforts by providing options to raise awareneness through this website. We are thoughtfully committing ourselves to helping animals in need.

Commitment to Pet Adoption

Our Mission is to provide a full circle selection of pets from private owners, breeders and resque centers with a focus on thoughtful pet adoption practices.

Our Promise is to provide you with a top assortment of safe, quality products produced with  pet safety and health at the core of our decision making. We don’t promote anything that we do not believe in. We provide quality resources that we hope are helpful to you as a pet owner.